Having always had a passion for writing, and in pursuit of a career writing about Nintendo games, at 18 I enrolled on the journalism course in my home town at the University of Chester.

During my studies I began writing freelance for Infendo.com, a Nintendo fan site, as well as writing album and gig reviews, music being my other overriding passion. That latter passion led to myself leaving writing by the wayside somewhat after University, in favour of pursuing dreams of stardom, playing lead guitar in a couple of rock bands.

Not that my journalistic skills went completely unused. As well as swaggering about on stage like an infinitely more sober Keith Richards, I took on the role of band manager. This entailed creating and maintaining the band website, managing the various social media spaces, mailshots, promotional materials and press packs, as well as booking and organising gigs and events. After several years of playing shows to crowds of variable enthusiasm all over the country, I returned to writing in 2016, following a parting of the ways with my rhythm section.

This being the year of the UK’s referendum on EU membership, and with a passion for politics derived from listening to satirical shows like Dead Ringers and The Now Show on Radio 4 as a (not particularly cool) young teen, I bought myself a laptop and started blogging.

Soon after I landed myself a role as News Reporter for ZeldaUniverse.net and reignited my passion for video games and video game journalism. Variety is the spice of life though, and I continued serious writing about politics alongside the more frivolous joystick based affair. This eventually led to a position as a featured writer for UnitedPolitics.uk, as well as contributing to a few other political blogs and websites on a less regular basis.

At the beginning of 2017, in a bid to expand my skillset and portfolio, I invested in a camera and a microphone, and started a YouTube channel. This has allowed me to hone my abilities as a presenter, diversified my writing skills into script writing alongside news reporting, features and editorials, and given me a rudimentary grasp of video and audio editing. Through this I have guested on a podcast or two, covered major gaming events including Nintendo’s London Premiere of the Nintendo Switch in January 2017, and even got nominated for YouTuber of the month by the community just 6 weeks into the project.

As 2017 went on I helped launch the United Politics podcast, and was also invited on to the Topic Nintendo podcast as a guest several times. I ultimately ending up co-hosting the latter show, as well as writing reviews for the podcast’s website. I also landed a job as Tech Copywriter for ao.com, one of the UK’s most respected online retailers, writing product copy and more, for games, consoles, accessories, computers and a whole lot more besides.

I continue to write about video games, politics, and music on a regular basis, and am constantly on the lookout for new outlets and subjects to work with and on. If you feel my skills could be of use, get in touch!