5 Third Party Games for N64 Mini


Given all the speculation about a possible N64 Mini, I thought I’d put together a short list of five third party titles I’d love to see on the system. Check it out, and let me know your picks in the comments below!

Check out the Topic Nintendo podcast, where I made an appearance, at the following link: http://dacespace.com/topicnintendo/2017/7/27/topic-nintendo-podcast-4-demos-and-the-future-of-mario-kart


C1: What’s up guys, welcome to P Myth Gaming. Speculation continues, in the wake of the SNES mini reveal, of the potential for an N64 mini next year.

VO: Last week Nintendo filed a trademark application for the N64 controller, sending the internet into overdrive about the chances of the system making an appearance.

C1: Everyone can pretty much reel off all the first party titles that are a shoe-in,

C2: Mario 64, Ocarina of Time and so on

C1: But I thought I’d put together a quick list of 5 of my favourite third party games from the N64, that I’d love to see make an appearance. Some of these are much more likely than others,

C2: some of them are probably next to impossible thanks to licensing issues

C1: But this video was a bit of an excuse to take a trip down memory lane for me, so I’m throwing caution to the wind and just putting together a dream list, so let’s gets into it!

VO: First on the list, is Banjo Kazooie

C1: The N64 saw a tonne of Mario 64 clones, and it became the golden era of the 3D platformer, but none quite matched the excellence of the portly plumber’s escapades except for the bear and bird from Rare.

VO: The characters were all incredibly memorable, the level design was fantastic, and the replayability of trying to find all the notes and jiggies across the games 9 worlds kept me coming back long after I’d sent Grunty packing.

C1: I’d actually never finished the game 100%,

C2: 4 notes in Click Clock Wood that I just couldn’t find.

C1: But with the hype for Yooka-Laylee kicking in last year I went back and managed to finally collect everything in the game. The camera has it’s issues, but I thought it held up spectacularly well. Frankly, it’s my favourite non-Nintendo game on the 64 and it needs to be on there.

VO: Number 2, Perfect Dark

C1: The game most people probably associate with the N64 is Goldeneye, and I played the crap out of that game as well. But, everything Goldeneye did, Perfect Dark did better.

VO: There were more weapons, more characters, more game modes,

C2: and it still had facility.

VO: And I really loved the single player campaign. Who can forget Elvis the Alien?

C1: Perfect Dark, like Banjo-Kazooie, is a Rare franchise, and thus it would require a deal to be done with Microsoft in order to get those games on the device.

C2: Though as I pointed out in an earlier video, which you can watch by clicking here, that’s not beyond the realms of possibility

C1: And given the convoluted nature of who controls the Bond licence, it’s probably more likely that we’d see Perfect Dark as opposed to Goldeneye. And I’d be perfectly fine with that.

VO: Number 3, WWF No Mercy

C1: I’ve no idea who owns the rights to this game, or how likely it would be to show up

C2: It’s not even called the WWF any more, and THQ folded years ago

C1: But this was the best wrestling game going.

VO: It featured all your favourite wrestlers from one of the greatest eras of the WWF, as well as a few legends, and had a fantastic create-a-wrestler mode.

C1: I remember getting my copy for christmas one year and spent the entire morning, from the time we finished opening presents to the time we sat down for christmas dinner, customising my own Wrestler and his entire move set. The fact that this customisation could also be extended, to a certain extent, to the actual roster too, meant I’d also spend hours keeping the outfits of HHH and Road Dogg right up to date.

VO: The gameplay itself was fantastic too, with a tonne of match types, not to mention the robust championship mode where you could take your custom wrestler on a path to whichever championship belt tickled your fancy, all with branching story paths.

C1: I loved that game a lot, and I’d love to see it on any N64 Classic.

VO: Number Four: Mischief Makers

C1: At a time when the focus and excitement was entirely on 3D, it was probably a little bit of a risk to stick with a 2D approach for Mischief Makers, and the game did get a mixed reception at the time. With hindsight though, it’s one of the most robust games on the system.

VO: Featuring a unique grab and shake mechanic, you play as robotic maid Marina who is travelling across the Planet Chancer in order to rescue your kidnapped creator. The game’s 5 worlds feature a great mix of platforming and puzzle solving, delivered in a great 2.5D art style.

C1: Many people overlooked Mischief Makers at the time because it was a side-scroller in a new exciting world of 3D platformers, but it’s one of the 64’s most under-appreciated gems and, developed by Treasure but published by Nintendo, it’s not out of the question of appearing on an N64 mini. It would be a great addition and might finally get some of the recognition it deserves.

C2: Shake shake

VO: And finally Star Wars Episode 1: POD Racer

C1: There were a few solid Star Wars games on the N64

C2: Rogue Squadron of course, and Shadows of the Empire which I also loved

C1: But none I played quite as much as Pod Racer.

VO: Based around the only redeeming feature of the first prequel film, it was a straight up sci-fi racing game across numerous planets featuring all your favourite Episode 1 characters like Sebulba, Anakin and, err… other aliens.

C1: The racing was pretty intense, and earning credits to buy parts to upgrade your Pod to give you that competitive edge was tonnes of fun. There were a fair few fantastic racing games on the 64

C2: Mario Kart, Diddy Kong Racing, Wave Race, F Zero

C1: But POD Racer was up there with the best of them and, did enough differently to the other futuristic racers on the system

C2: Shout out to Extreme G

C1: to set itself apart by leaning into some of the questionable lore of the first prequel movie. It’s a great game and I’d love an excuse to revisit it.

So there you have it guys, those are a few third party titles that basically I just really enjoyed back in the day and would love to see included on an N64 Mini

C2: Even though I know most of them probably wouldn’t make it.

What were some of your favourite third party games of that era, let me know in the usual place!

Thanks a bunch for watching everyone, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe and all that jazz. And if you’ve got some time to kill, go and check out some other videos too.

I was also very kindly invited on to the Topic Nintendo podcast this last week to talk about the future of Mario Kart and the importance of demos. It’s a great little podcast, and Gary who hosts the show is a top bloke so do go and give that a listen I’ll put the link down in the description. By all means give him some good feedback and I might get to go on it again!

Cheers once more everyone, see you next time.


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