Would an N64 Mini feature Rare’s classics?

People are already speculating about the possibility of an N64 Mini, but what are the chances of such a device housing those classic Rare titles we all love from that era?


C1: Hey guys, welcome to P Myth Gaming, so in the wake of the SNES mini announcement people are already speculating about a possible N64 mini next year, and what games they’d like to see on there.

Naturally, all the obvious Nintendo games are being mentioned, Super Mario 64, Ocarina of Time,

C2: Pokemon Snap

C1: and so on, but the N64 was notable not just for those stellar first party games, but also the golden age of Rare.

VO: Titles such as Banjo-Kazooie, Goldeneye, Blast Corps, Perfect Dark, Jet Force Gemini and so on and so on are as synonymous with the N64 as Nintendo’s first party offerings.

C2: Frankly, the omission of any of these would be criminal.

These classic edition consoles are about recapturing the soul of those systems, and Rare were as much a part of the 64’s soul as Nintendo were.

But it’s somewhat up in the air just how likely it would be to see these Rare games on an N64 Classic Edition, given that the company is now owned by Microsoft.

C2: An acquisition that broke my heart as a kid.

C1: So it would require some licensing and collaboration between Microsoft and the Big N. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

VO: Back in 2015 when Nintendo were running an online poll to see which characters fans wanted added, via DLC, to Super Smash Bros Wii U, an enterprising young fan contacted Xbox honcho Phil Spencer on Twitter and asked about the possibility of Banjo-Kazooie making an appearance. Spencer tweeted back saying it would be cool, though it ultimately never happened.

The more interesting and relevant part of the tweet is the second half, where Spencer says they’ve worked with Nintendo on Rare IP before, without any issues.

What’s more is that there’s further evidence of the good relations between Microsoft and Nintendo this generation.

Whilst Sony have omitted themselves from the cross-platform play picture so far, Switch and Xbox owners will be able to compete against each other in Rocket League matches when the game drops for Nintendo’s hybrid device later this year.

Not only that but owners of either system will soon be able to work together, through cross platform play again, in Minecraft.

C2: A Microsoft owned franchise, with Nintendo content, also on a Nintendo system.

C1: So the relationship is clearly there. All it would take would be for a deal to be hammered out. And there’s no reason why either party should be averse to doing so.

Microsoft would get great exposure to these franchises, Banjo, Perfect Dark and so on, by having those games appear on what would undoubtedly be another hotly sought after device.

On Nintendo’s end, they’ve made it abundantly clear that they see these classic mini series systems as essentially a novelty item, and not a stand-alone pillar in it’s hardware line-up. They’re not competing with console sales with this device and so have nothing to gain from omitting the inclusion of older games regardless of whether they’re currently owned by a competitor.

So long story short, the inclusion of Banjo-Kazooie on any eventual N64 mini isn’t as far fetched as it might first appear. Goldeneye is probably less likely given the various copyright holders when it comes to the Bond franchise.

C2: Though frankly I always preferred Perfect Dark anyway. Shh.

C1: So Microsoft, Nintendo, if you’re watching this

C2: Mug to camera

C1: Don’t screw it up and make sure we get the Bear and Bird on that tiny 64.

C1: Thanks very much for watching guys! If you want to keep yourselves in the loop to be sure to subscribe, there’s a new video up every week, and do go and check out some of my other videos too. Don’t forget to give that Like button a tickle on your way out, and I’ll see you all next week!



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