Why the SNES Mini matters

The SNES Mini is real, but it’s so much more than just a nostalgia box. Here’s why…


C1: Hey guys, welcome once again, to P Myth Gaming. So the rumours were true! We are in fact getting a SNES mini later this year.

Unfortunately I was one of the bajillion people who didn’t get my hands on an NES mini.

C2: Despite my mother’s best efforts at Christmas bless her.

C1: But as much as I’d like one, I haven’t been completely bummed out at my inability to secure one.

The SNES mini on the other hand, I am massively excited for.

VO: Just the list of games included is staggering, it’s classic after classic, but there’s a few on there in particular that I can’t wait to play.
First up is Yoshi’s Island. This is one of my all time favourites, and if you don’t include any Zelda games, possibly my favourite game of all time period.

What’s so exciting about this is that it’s gonna be the proper version. The one that was released on Game Boy Advance had various tweaks and changes

C2: No touch Fuzzy get Dizzy acid trip

So I cannot wait to play a properly emulated version of the original.

VO: I’m also super hyped to revisit Donkey Kong Country.

I didn’t actually own a SNES growing up, so most of my exposure to the system was through a friend of mine. We spent lord knows how long playing through Donkey Kong together, as well as Yoshi, so I’m looking forward to that nostalgia hit.

As I mentioned though, I never had a SNES as a kid.

C2: Though I did eventually pick one up. A few months after the Wii came out actually.

C1: So there’s plenty of games on the system that I’ll be experiencing for the first time.

Starfox for example. My first exposure to that franchise was Starfox 64

C2: Or Lylat Wars as it was known here in the UK.

C1: So I can’t wait to not only play the unreleased Starfox 2

C2: Who saw that coming?!

C1: But to play the original game where it all started as well!

And there’s others on there I’ve never played too! The original F-Zero, Super Mario RPG, Super Metroid!

C2: Please don’t shout at me for that one.

C1: Hell, I’ve only ever had limited exposure to Super Mario World too!

And this is why I’m so excited for this thing. The 16-bit SNES era is considered the golden-age of gaming. But because of my age and a few other reasons, it wasn’t until I got my N64 that my obsession with games and Nintendo really took hold.

Sure I could have revisited some of these classics on virtual console, and I have done, but it doesn’t seem quite right playing any of these older games without the proper pad. You need that look and feel to really get the experience in my opinion.

C2: I’ve been this close to getting Earthbound on 3DS and seeing what all the hype’s about but I’m so glad I never got around to it as now I can play it properly.

C1: So the fact that Nintendo are giving people like me who are aware of all these games, and the impact they had, but weren’t quite old enough at the time to really get involved with it all, the opportunity to play them in their original forms with a proper pad, without shelling out lord knows how much for the actual carts and systems is awesome.

The 16-bit era is really where the modern video game industry began to take shape, so the SNES represents not just a nostalgia sell, but an important archive of some of that eras most influential titles. And it gives people the opportunity to experience them properly, without dodgy emulators or traipsing around car boot sales.

C2: Assuming of course, they can get their hands on one.

VO: Nintendo have said that they’ve learned the lessons of the NES mini and will be producing ‘Significantly more’ units of the SNES than they did for it’s predecessor. However, they are only going to be selling these from September through to the end of the year. So yet again, it’s a limited run item.

C1: I think that’s a real shame given what this unit actually represents. It’s a miniature museum of sorts, allowing people to experience these watershed games in an accessible and faithful manner.

Hopefully the amount they produce between now and the end of the year will be enough. Hopefully.

C2: Nintendo gonna Nintendo

C1: So how many of you are gonna try and get your hands on one of these bad boys? Which games in particular are you looking forward to playing? And have you managed to get a pre-order? Let me know down in the comments, and tell me which one of those classic games I should be playing first!

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