Nintendo are FINALLY taking feedback on board!


C1: Hi Guys, welcome once more to P Myth Gaming. Traditionally, Nintendo have been seen as a company who are a little bit stuck in their ways.

They’re only just about embracing voice chat this generation

C2: Albeit via the most convoluted method for communication ever devised by a human being.

C1: Their approach to streamers and YouTubers like myself is still rather archaic, and their sheer bloody-mindedness in the way they tackle the industry

C2: Admittedly to which they owe a lot of their past successes.

C1: Can be incredibly frustrating at times.

However, there have been a couple of moments recently where it seems like the house that Mario built are starting to take more notice of their fans and reacting to feedback from gamers as a whole.

C2: Examples? Ok.

C1: First up let’s take the Switch Online Service. When this was first unveiled back in January Nintendo detailed how subscribers would get access to classic SNES and NES games with added online multiplayer, but that this would be limited on a monthly basis. So you got to play for a month, and at the end of that month, the game would presumably disappear and a new one would take it’s place.

This naturally was met with a little bit of consternation from fans

C2: Myself included

C1: Yet one of the smaller stories that sneaked through around E3 was that Nintendo had now dropped this, and users will keep access to these games for as long as they stay subscribed to the service.

They heard the feedback, reacted accordingly, and basically gave us what we wanted.

Speaking of E3, the biggest news was the unveiling of Metroid Prime 4. It’s clearly very early in development but fans have been crying out for some news on a new Metroid game for ages.

VO: Nintendo were well aware of the negative reaction to Metroid Prime Federation Force when that was revealed. After waiting so long for a new entry in the series a chibi-multiplayer effort on 3DS wasn’t exactly what we had in mind.

So when E3 rolled around this year, Nintendo made it clear that they’d heard the fans, they knew what they wanted, and although they had nothing more to show than a logo, wanted to reassure those fans that they hadn’t forgotten Metroid and they were working on giving us the game that we’ve been craving

C1: And then to sweeten the deal they’re giving us a proper 2D Metroid on 3DS as well

C2: Like buses, you wait ages for a Metroid game and then two come along at once.

C1: The other announcement at E3 was that of a mainline Pokemon game in development for Switch. Coming off the back of a Pokemon Direct in which all that was revealed was Pokken Tournament DX for Switch and an expansion-cum-reworking of Sun and Moon for 3DS, fans were a little bit miffed that there wasn’t anything bigger in the works.

I’m not saying that they announced the development of this core Pokemon game for Switch purely in response to the underwhelming fan reaction to that Pokemon direct, but the fact they had even less to show of that than they did of Metroid Prime 4, does kinda suggest that they again wanted to reassure fans their feedback is being listened to, and not to worry, bigger things are coming.

C2: Can I just say I’m so happy that this game is being built ground up for Switch and isn’t just a Sun and Moon port. It’s gonna be awesome

C1: So maybe, just maybe, we’re beginning to see a slightly more dynamic Nintendo. One willing to listen to fan feedback, and adjust their course slightly accordingly. They’ve still got a ways to go in convincing people on this voice chat app for example, and they could do more to actually make sure fans can buy their products.

C2: amiibo droughts are a thing again, and I’m still not quite over the fact I didn’t get my hands on a NES mini

C1: But the early signs are there that maybe they’re starting to get with the times just a little bit.

Thanks very much for watching people, it’s hugely appreciated as always! Don’t forget to like, and subscribe and all that jazz, and I’ll catch you all next time!


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