Did Nintendo do enough at E3 2017?

Nintendo had a pretty strong showing at E3 this year, and the new Metroid announcements got me ridiculously hyped. I take a fuller look at their presentation as a whole in this week’s vid!


C1: Hey everyone, welcome to P Myth Gaming. E3 is all done and dusted, so let’s dig in to Nintendo’s showing and take a look at what they did well and where, if anywhere, they came up short.

Obviously the big focus was Super Mario Odyssey, and frankly, it looks awesome. The new possession mechanic utilising the spirit contained within Mario’s cap, who’s name is Cappy

C2: The localisation team were clearly in a rush to get home the day he was named.

C1: Looks like it’s going to be a stupendous amount of fun.

VO: As excited as I was about returning to a sandbox Mario game, I was waiting to see just how they were going to differentiate it from Mario 64 (which didn’t really have to do anything other than be the first solid 3D platformer) and Sunshine, which had the FLUDD to set it apart from it’s predecessor.
As much as Odyssey is all about Mario being in all these random places he’s never been before, I think we’ll see Cappy’s uses become the defining characteristic of the game, in the way that the FLUDD did for Sunshine.

C1: The amiibo they announced

C2: Prediction number one I got right

VO: Look pretty sweet too, and are destined to be cake toppers at a million nerd weddings from this day forward.

C2: And if the future Mrs Myth is watching this, you might wanna bear that in mind.

C1: Elsewhere Xenoblade Chronicles 2 looks totally stunning, though I confess I’ve not played much of the Xenoblade games so don’t really have much to comment on that one. Similarly Kirby for Switch looks absolutely gorgeous, but it’s not a series I’m particularly invested in, and for whatever reason Fire Emblem has never really grabbed me either.

C2: So I’ll leave it to people a bit more in the know to comment on those three.

Yoshi on the other hand, is a series I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for. They’ve been a little hit and miss over the years, but the original Yoshi’s Island is one of my all time favourites, Yoshi’s Story on the 64 was a game I finished 100%, and I actually thought Wooly World on Wii U was a fantastic little platformer.

VO: Yoshi for Switch looks like it could follow on from Wooly World, with it’s arts and crafts aesthetic. Utilised in the same way, there could be some cool little puzzles to solve. I’m definitely intrigued to see more.

C1: Prediction number two I got right was Rocket League for Switch. I’ve actually only recently become acquainted with the game after trying it out whilst visiting my brother last month, but it really will be perfect on Nintendo’s system. The fact that they’re enabling cross platform play as well is absolutely awesome.

C2: Likewise for Minecraft

C1: And I can’t wait to start playing the game properly against my friends and family who already own it on X-Box.

On the Zelda DLC. I’m looking forward to the Trial of the Sword. One of my favourite parts of Breath of the Wild was Eventide island where you’re stripped of everything you own and have to survive purely on your wits and what you can find. The fact that they’re extending that idea out to the Trial in the first DLC pack excites me a lot.

The Champions pack that was also shown

C2: Well, teased

C1: Is also rather intriguing. We already know that it will feature a new dungeon and storyline, but it’s still anyone’s guess as to what form that will take! The focus on the champions hinted to me that it may take place before the events of Breath of the Wild, before they all perish and Link gets put to sleep, but that’s mostly just speculation on my part.

C2: Would be pretty cool though

C1: Oh and the champion amiibo all look ace as well, even if Urbosa’s stand is somewhat unfortunately placed.

C2: Gurn

C1: So onto the biggest surprise of the entire conference… Rabbids Kingdom Battle looks good!
Ok so I usually try and keep an open mind about games until I actually get to play them, but I confess I was utterly underwhelmed by the rumours of a Mario/Rabbids crossover and the subsequent leaks we had going into E3.

C2: The overriding question was just, why?

VO: But the game actually looks tonnes of fun, with plenty of strategy and a wealth of easter eggs and fan service, and I never realised just how much I needed a cannon-toting Yoshi in my life until now.

It also threw up the most heart-warming moment of the year with the dude behind the game Davide Soliani, visibly emotional seeing Miyamoto on stage during Ubisoft’s conference, praising his work.
C2: No game that inspires that much passion can be bad.

C1: We also got confirmation that a mainline ‘core’ Pokemon game is in development for Switch. Whilst we got absolutely no other information whatsoever

C2: Not even a logo

C1: The fact that this is being built from the ground-up for the system, rather than being a port of Sun and Moon, makes me an excited little nerd indeed.

But the moment that got me punching the air and giddier than a schoolgirl on laughing gas, was the reveal of the Metroid Prime 4 logo. We’ve been waiting for a proper new Metroid game for what seems like a lifetime, and the fact that it’s finally on the way, and a new entry into the Prime series no less, is frankly, awesome.

C2: And whilst it’s still being headed up by Kensuke Tanabe, it’s an in-house dev team working on it, not Retro, giving me 3 out of 5 correct E3 Predictions. Not bad eh?

I doubt we’ll see that or the Pokemon game before 2019, but just confirmation that it’s in development is enough for now. Plus there’s the remake of Metroid II coming to 3DS to tide us over as well!

C2: Actually the first Metroid game I ever played

C1: So all-in-all I thought it was a pretty strong showing from Nintendo. They said going into it the focus was going to be on 2017, so I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of titles unveiled for next year and beyond. There were no new announcements for games coming this year

C2: Rabbids would’ve been the one if Ubisoft weren’t so damn leaky lately

VO: But that first party, year one line-up for Switch is pretty damn strong, so knowing that there’s a tonne of life in Switch in 2018 and onwards, is both great for those of us who already own one, and a reason to be encouraged to purchase one if you haven’t already.

So what was the stand-out moment for you guys from Nintendo’s E3 showing this year? Did you scream like a little girl at Metroid, or did you wallet scream at all the amiibo unveiled. Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks, as always for watching, like, subscribe, check out the other videos, yada yada yada, and I’ll catch ya all next week!



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