Nintendo @ E3 2017 Predictions

Mere days away from Nintendo’s E3 2017 presentation, I take a guess as to what things we’re likely to see from the Big N this year.


C1: Hey guys, welcome to P Myth Gaming, it’s E3 week so I thought I’d delve into my predictions for Nintendo’s Spotlight Presentation. They have said that the focus is predominantly on 2017, so I think we should temper our expectations a little bit,

C2: it’s not going to be a blockbusting trailer laden affair,

And it’s expected to run to about half an hour which isn’t long at all in E3 terms.

But being a pre-recorded event it should be devoid of all the fluff that some of the stage shows are guilty of and if it follows the rapid fire approach of the last Nintendo Direct, it should be chock full of info. So let’s dive in to my predictions!

First up, I think we’re going to get the much rumoured Smash Bros. Wii U port.

The hype/rumours around it have kinda died down a little bit as of late but given how well Mario Kart 8 Deluxe sold, there’s clearly an opportunity for the bigger Wii U games to get a second life on Switch and Smash is kind of a no brainer, especially with Nintendo pushing into eSports. Smash is their flagship franchise in that arena.

Will most likely be some sort of Championship edition with all the DLC included, and quite possibly a couple of new characters. The Inklings from Splatoon are a shoe-in given the popularity of them in Japan, and if they really want to push ARMS, someone like Springman to fly the flag

C2: or MinMin/Twintelle to really get the fans on board.

C1: Would be a good shout too/

Attached to this prediction is another semi one: Xenoblade 2 will be delayed. A huge sprawling RPG like that is unlikely to be completed inside two years and if it was coming in a couple of months Japanese press would likely already be previewing it.

So I think Xenoblade will get pushed back to 2018, albeit with some new game footage to tide us over, and Smash Bros will release in the autumn to plug that gap.

My second prediction concerns Retro Studios

This is kind of an anti-prediction; it’s not gonna be Metroid. Everyone wants a new one, and so do I, but the studio most recently associated with the Donkey Kong Country games I think is more likely to unveil a brand new IP.

Gamnesia reported back in 2015 that Retro often pitch ideas to Nintendo, and after their time spent with Metroid and DK, it’s much more likely to be something original. Much as I’d love Metroid Prime 4, I’m excited to see what Retro can cook up when they’re let off the leash.

Third up: Mario Odyssey
Obviously we know that Mario is going to be the big focus this year, and I reckon it’s a pretty safe bet we’ll get a release date.

C2: Sometime in November, the big holiday game.

C1: I also reckon they’ll go all out with Switch bundles and accessories and stuff. I’d be surprised if we didn’t get some cool amiibo as well, with Mario rocking his new hat.

C2: The all out amiibo assault on my bank balance won’t be letting up any time soon I fear.

And I also think it’s likely we’ll get a Mario Odyssey Switch in time for Christmas, featuring Mario branded JoyCons.

C2: And if I’m right on that one, I hope we’ll be able to buy them separately.

Prediction number 4: Rocket League
The Nindy scene seems to be doing really well, there’s some awesome games rolling out on the system so far. I think we’ll get a little section on some of the other Nindy titles in development, and it makes sense to bring one of the biggest indie titles to Switch to lead the charge.

Rocket League would be perfect on Switch too, and throw in some Nintendo themed skins etc to give it that Nintendo twist, similar to the Mario Minecraft pack, and you’re on to a winner.

The developer behind the game Psyonix said back in March that they were evaluating the technical requirements and community demand.

C2: Code for how many units the system shifts

C1: But it’s not exactly the most demanding game in terms of power, they could get it running on Switch easily enough, and Switch’s popularity and portability means it would be a perfect host for some rocket car football action.

Lastly, the Voice chat app
I think it’s about time Nintendo gave us a look at this damn app, and I think it’s a safe bet to say it will be launching alongside Splatoon.

VO: We saw that headset the other week with the impossibly convoluted audio set-up, albeit with the cool looking squid shaped splitter, so Splatoon is clearly the game they’re attaching their online service to.

Frankly it should have come sooner, Mario Kart would’ve benefited from it and with the esports/online focus they’re pushing with ARMS, it’s odd that it isn’t arriving with that title. It’s long overdue, so now’s the time.

C2: Just let me talk to my friends already!

C1: So there you have it folks, my five predictions for Nintendo’s E3 showing. Some safe, some a little more out there, but what do you reckon we’re likely to see from the house of Mario this year? You know where to let me know/

Thanks for watching guys, new videos go up every Sunday so be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already, and I’ll see you next week!



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