Go shield surfing with your own Traveller’s Shield backpack

This article originally appeared on Zelda Universe.

The good folks over at ThinkGeek have added some sweet new officially licensed Breath of the Wild merch to their inventory, the first of which is a backpack styled after the Traveller’s Shield from the game.

It boasts a padded back and straps, and a bright blue interior featuring the Sheikah Eye symbol. There’s even a padded sleeve for a tablet or smaller laptop, though you might want to make sure you’ve taken it out before you decide to jump on top of it to surf down your local mountain. The pack costs $59.99 and can be ordered from ThinkGeek here. Check out some of the pics below!

Elsewhere on the site they’ve also got a gorgeous 30” by 60” oil canvas of the quickly-becoming-iconic artwork featuring Link scaling a mountainside with the beautiful Hyrule landscape sprawling away behind him. Given the huge size of it, you better make sure you’ve got enough wall space to accommodate it, not to mention $249.99 to acquire it in the first place. It doesn’t half look stunning though.

The canvas can be found at this link. Will you be picking either of these up?


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