Breath of the Wild player takes a Bokoblin on a long journey

This article originally appeared on Zelda Universe.

As a general rule, enemies in Breath of the Wild employ a zonal defence strategy. They have their territory and they’ll defend it if you wander into it, and they’ll chase you a bit, but generally speaking they tend not to wander too far from their base camp.

Imgur user BOOXMOWO decided to experiment with this mechanic though, and, using the Bokoblin Mask and some gentle nudging, see how far they could lure an unsuspecting Bokoblin away from their staging area. The initial experiment brought Silver (as the Bokoblin was dubbed) into Kakariko Village where he terrified all the townsfolk, but this set the creative juices flowing and was followed by the experiment to see just how far Silver could be lured away from his home. After a certain point, he gives up trying to get back to where Link found him and just paces around. Being this homesick apparently drains all the fight out of him too as he makes no attempt to attack Link or the other NPCs he comes across this far from his friends and family.

The odyssey is well worth reading in full as BOOXMOWO takes Silver for quite the journey, and there’s some other interesting experiments they’ve run too, involving cutting off NPCs’ pathways. There’s certainly a myriad of ways Link can be an absolute menace in the game!


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