What will a Zelda game look like on smart devices?

There’s apparently a Zelda mobile game in development, but what will Hyrule look like on a smart device?


C1: Hey everyone, welcome to P Myth Gaming. Last week there was a story in the Wall Street Journal that a Legend of Zelda smart phone game was in development.

Over the past year Nintendo have been dipping their proverbial toes into mobile gaming. We had Super Mario Run and more recently Fire Emblem Heroes

C2: As well as that social app Miitomo, if anyone remembers that

C1: And when Nintendo first unveiled their strategy for mobile, they also announced that Animal Crossing was the third franchise they had in mind. According to the Wall Street Journal, that Animal Crossing game is due to land in the second half of 2017, with this rumoured Zelda game following after it.

It makes sense, given the huge success of Breath of the Wild, that Nintendo would want to capitalise on that hype and get as many people exposed to that franchise as they can. Nintendo see mobile as a way of pushing people towards it’s dedicated systems, so if mobile gamers have fun with a Zelda title and decide to have a look what else is out there, and then see the plethora of accolades Breath of the Wild has garnered, they may very well be tempted to invest in a Switch.

What will be interesting to see is just what form any Zelda smartphone game would take. Their initial experiment with Super Mario Run was to offer it at a one-and-done, premium price point. I thought the game was really good value.

C2: Though the messaging was catastrophic

C1: and I appreciated not being hounded by micro-transactions and pay-to-win mechanics.

Unfortunately, despite garnering a shedload of downloads, the conversion rate of people who paid to unlock the full game, after it’s free-to-try initial levels, wasn’t as high as Nintendo were expecting. Fire Emblem Heroes however, employing the gachapon micro-transaction model, yielded much higher profits, despite it’s install base being ten times smaller than that of Mario Run.

You’d forgive Nintendo then for abandoning the premium model, and just opting for free to play software.

C2: It’d certainly keep the investors happy

C1: But President Kimishima has reiterated that Nintendo aren’t done with the premium model yet.

I think it’s much more likely we’ll see the Animal Crossing game adopt a free to play model, with microtransactions contained within

C2: I can feel my bank balance wincing at the thought of that

And then sticking with the premium model for this rumoured Zelda game.

Nintendo are famously cautious about devaluing their IP, so it stands to reason that their tentpole franchises like Mario and Zelda are the ones that would garner the premium price tags.

As for the content of the game, who knows!?

We have had two touch based Zelda games on the DS, so it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that we’d get a full adventure, however I think it’s much more likely the game would take a core mechanic of the series and build something around that.

C2: A bit like Mario Run and jumping

C1: I can see some sort of puzzle type game, taking it’s cues from the various puzzles fans have been solving in Zelda’s dungeons for years, or even something based around the shrine mechanics from Breath of the Wild

C2: The Legend of Zelda: Shrine Raider

C1: I’m thinking of something a little similar to one of my favourite mobile games, Cut The Rope, with a few different worlds, or Temples, based around a theme, Fire and Water and so on, and a bunch of puzzles based around that Temple’s key mechanic.

Not sure where the replay value would come from, but enough puzzles at the right price would be fine for me, and there’s always the options of adding more content down the line.

I think it’s safe to say though that we’re not going to just see some standard mobile game with a Zelda themed paint job.

C2: Although I would play the crap out of Angry Cuccos

C1: Nintendo seem to be taking mobile pretty seriously, and so far have been keen to make games that are specifically tailored to the mobile platform, whilst staying true to whatever characteristics are key to the franchise in question.

Nintendo have so far declined to confirm that this thing actually exists, but what would you like to see from a Zelda mobile game? Let me know down in the comments!

C1: Thanks to you for watching. Check out some of my other videos and please do subscribe if you’re new to the channel, I upload a new video every Sunday. Give the like button a tickle on the way out, and I’ll catch you all next week!


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