Does ARMS have legs?

Plenty more content has been unveiled for Arms, but can it replicate the success of Nintendo’s last new franchise?


C1: Hello boys and girls, welcome to P Myth Gaming! This week, Nintendo gave us an extended look at its upcoming fighter Arms, and the various modes and such therein, as well as a couple of new characters, and announced a series of demo times for people to check out the game, similar to the testfire they had for Splatoon Two back in March

I was, admittedly, rather disinterested in Arms when Nintendo first unveiled it at their Switch launch presentation back in January. Nevertheless as time has gone on and we’ve learned more about it, it’s slowly but surely beginning to pique my interest.

It’s much like Splatoon in that regard. I was wildly indifferent to Nintendo’s ink based shooter when it first announced but was beyond hyped by the time it finally arrived.

C2: And I bought all of the amiibo. Still not sure why I own the squid sisters, but I do.

C1: So it’s entirely possible that by the time Arms finally launches next month, I’ll be ready to throw myself into Nintendo’s newest IP. The character design has gotten better and better as the reveals have gone on. The initial designs kind of left me cold and seemed a little generic. But the recent additions of

VO: Min Min, Helix, Byte and Barq, and the internet’s new obssssion Twintelle, have all been wonderfully crazy.

C1: There something Overwatchian in the way this series is putting emphasis on the various characters found within this spring-armed dystopia

C2: And I love that the lore of this world is, ‘yeah one day some people woke up with stretchy arms. No-one really questioned it.

C1: And ultimately I think this series’ success will require those characters and the fan communities that build up around them.

The differences between those characters as well as the different abilities and effects of the various different fists you can equip

C2: Defensive shield type arms are a particularly interesting additon

C1: mean there’s a definite level of strategy in there which should make the game more interesting, with more depth, than just a mindless party brawler.

This is key too, to Nintendo’s apparent keenness to push into esports, with both a Splatoon Two and ARMS tournament scheduled for E3.

It was good to see that there’s a variety of game modes in the direct too, though it remains to be seen how well things like hoops and V Ball will operate.

C2: I’m a tad sceptical.

C1: They should keep things interesting in single player, unlocking different Arms and such, as well as being able to mix it up in multiplayer. The ability to power arms up by earning multiples is a good way to keep you playing through some of those minigames.

There also seems to be an interesting variety in the stage design, meaning the terrain will factor in in some bouts too. All of these things seem to indicate that Arms is actually much much more than the ‘Wii boxing on acid’ it appeared to be when it was first revealed.

Ultimately though I think the proof will be in the playing.

VO: I got to try Arms out at the Switch Premiere Event in London back in January and whilst I had a laugh playing, I didn’t particularly enjoy using the motion controls. Fortunately Nintendo are giving us the option of playing with buttons, and with the global Test Punch they announced at the end of the direct, I’m looking forward to seeing how well the game operates with a more traditional control set-up.

C1: So Arms seems to be going through a similar cycle to Splatoon. Slightly baffled indifference, followed by a steadily increasing interest as more features and modes become available. Holding the Testpunch is a great move, as it was the global testfire that ultimately sold me on Splatoon last time around, so Nintendo are clearly hoping the Arms demo will do a similar job.

There’s no doubting the success that the Splatoon franchise has become, and Nintendo are clearly trying to replicate that by following a similar play-book. They’re even keeping the game interesting post launch with more fighters, arms, and stages being released, all for free, much like they did with Splatoon’s maps, modes and weapons.

So I’m looking forward to the Testpunch, I can feel those springy arms pulling me in in much the same way those Inklings did, and I hope Nintendo can pull the same trick again and add another succesful new franchise to their stable.

How are you guys feeling about Arms? Are you sold already, waiting for the Test Punch, or could you not care less if you tried, let me know down in the comments.

Cheers for watching everyone, please hit those like and subscribe buttons, and I’ll see you next week!



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