What does the ‘new’ 2DS XL mean for Nintendo’s handhelds?

With Nintendo unveiling yet another revision of the 3DS, I take a look at where this new model supposedly sits within their hardware ecosystem, and what it means software wise for the handheld.


C1: Hi guys welcome to P Myth Gaming, so out of nowhere, Nintendo announced the new 2ds XL the other week. Following up April’s Nintendo Direct, they basically leaned back through the doorway on their way out and shouted,

C2: oh yeah, and there’s this thing as well.

VO: The not-at-all confusingly named new Nintendo 2DS XL

C2: Seriously the branding on that console line is an absolute dumpster fire

VO: Is basically a halfway house between the 2DS wedge, and the new Nintendo 3DS, sporting the clamshell design of the latter, along with it’s beefed up innards, but devoid of stereoscopic 3D on the upper screen, much like it’s smaller brother.

This announcement was somewhat unexpected to say the least. The prevailing wisdom was that Nintendo would perhaps start tailing off the 3DS in a bid to focus all it’s efforts on Switch. However, in their end of year investors meeting President Tatsumi Kimishima indicated their intention to sell a further 6million units of, what they call the 3DS family of systems, over the next 12 months.

In hindsight that was obviously some sort of indication that a hardware revision of some description was in the offing, though I think it’s fair to say nobody quite expected what we got. But with the Switch off to a flying to start, one does wonder what exactly is the point of this new revision of the, now 6 year old, 3DS.

Well first up, that system is still selling. Thanks mainly to Pokemon Sun and Moon, it saw it’s sales figures increase exponentially last year, so Nintendo would be mad to just leave money on the table.

C2: Unless we’re talking about NES Classic Mini, of course.

C1: But it’s also important to understand where Nintendo are positioning their handhelds now. You can play Nintendo games on your premium device

C2: The Switch

C1: Or there’s cheaper fare on your new 3DS, and then there’s your entry level 2DS. The 2DS especially has become the go to system for kids. It’s cheap and durable. The lack of a hinge means even the youngest of gamers can play Mario games without mum and dad worrying about them snapping it in two.

C2: Or ruining it with their sticky hands

C1: I admit I’m struggling a little bit to see where this new 2DS XL sits in relation to that. It obviously has the clam shell design, so it’s less durable in that regard, but it also has all the extra oomph of the ‘new’ line, allowing it to play the handful of games that are exclusive to those systems, not to mention the SNES virtual console titles, along with the additional control features and amiibo support.

It’s probably more likely to find a home then among more casual gamers, who are perhaps on a bit of a budget, or indeed among older kids who want something a bit more grown-up compared to their younger siblings who are still chucking their Nintendo branded door stops around.

C2: So basically, it’s aimed at casuals and mums.

C1: The biggest takeaway from this though is that the 3DS isn’t dead yet, and Nintendo truly are planning on continuing with a three pillar approach,

VO: mobile, handheld, and hybrid.

C1: But it will take more than just a hardware refresh to shift 6 million units, so we can expect at least one pretty large software announcement for 3DS at or around E3. It’s possible this could be the rumoured Pokemon Stars

C2: Though as I noted in another video, it looks like that could be coming to Switch

C1: It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that Stars could appear on both Switch, and new Nintendo 3DS and new Nintendo 2DS XL.

C2: Seriously Nintendo, sort that branding out.

C1: In which case, it’s possible it could be exclusive to the more powerful versions of 3DS. That would certainly help drive sales of this new hardware iteration, but Nintendo are sending a message that they still see a lot of life in their dedicated handheld line, so don’t be surprised if we get another big announcement or two for the system, at E3.

Personally, even though I really like the look of it, I won’t be picking one of these up, as I already have a new Nintendo 3DS XL so I have no need for it. But the 3DS certainly has an impressive library now, and if for some reason you still don’t have one, this would be a great version of the system to pick up, and it’s not going to break the bank.

So are any of your guys interested in this new 2DS? Maybe there’s a few games on 3DS you’ve liked the look of, but just haven’t picked up a system for whatever reason. Is this new iteration tempting you to finally take the plunge? Let me know in the comments below.

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