Three franchises to be resurrected for Nintendo Switch, and the third party devs to handle them

Zelda and Mario are obviously getting some love, but there’s a few franchises Nintendo has been neglecting, and it’s high time they made a comeback on Switch. Here are my picks, what are yours?


C1: Hi guys, welcome once more to P Myth Gaming, now we’ve already got a Zelda title on Switch

C2: That’s still blowing my tiny little mind nearly two months later.

C1: Mario Kart has just dropped, we’ve got a Splatoon sequel arriving in the summer, Xenoblade Chronicles Two later in the year, and of course, Nintendo’s main man Mario is getting a title in the form of Super Mario Odyssey, but there’s a couple of other franchises that haven’t been getting much love lately, that I want to see make a return on Nintendo Switch. What’s more, if Nintendo don’t quite fancy handling development themselves, there’s some great third party or indie devs that I think would knock it out of the park. So let’s get into it.

VO: First up on my list, is Starfox.

C1: Ok, so we have actually had a new StarFox game not that long ago. Star Fox Zero on Wii U was an ok effort, but what fun there was to be had in the game was hidden behind a hugely divisive control scheme

C2: Frankly I would’ve rather attempted to have flown an actual space ship than tackle Shigsy’s dual screen concept.

C1: Because of the mixed reviews the title didn’t exactly sell like gangbusters, but I hope Nintendo don’t use that as an excuse to abandon the franchise all together, or indeed take responsibility for it away from Platinum. The Bayonetta devs know how to do slick, arcade style action, and without the dodgy control scheme, Zero could have been a lot of fun.

Nintendo should give them free reign to create a proper arcade shooter in the style Starfox fans are clamouring for. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy affair either. Part of the fun of Starfox was completing a run in around an hour and setting about trying to top your high score. The branching paths through the game kept it fresh and allowed for experimentation to see which course would yield the highest score.

C2: Something like that would be perfect for Switch. Putting a run together during your lunch hour for example.

C1: This mechanic with online leaderboards so you can compare your scores with your friends, and see how you stack up against players from around the world sounds great to me, and it’s already spurring players on to try and top the personal bests in things like Graceful Explosion Machine.

Add in online multiplayer dogfights and you’re on to a winner. You could even take a leaf out of Splatoon’s book and make it 4 v 4, Starfox vs Starwolf in a few different game modes.

C2: I’m exciting myself at the thought of that.

C1: So yeah, keep the faith Nintendo, take Starfox back to basics and it will pay off in spades.

VO: Number Two: F-Zero

C1: It kind of amazes me that there were F-Zero games on successive Nintendo consoles from the SNES, to the 64, and then the GameCube, as well as the Gameboy Advance, and then the series just dropped off the face of the earth! Nothing on DS, Wii, 3DS, or Wii U.

Back in 2012, in an interview with French site Game Kult, Shigeru Miyamoto expressed surprise that anyone would even want a new entry in the franchise. Throwing out the question of ‘what do you want that we haven’t done before?’ Miyamoto, and by extension Nintendo, were under the impression people had grown weary of it.

C2: Though that didn’t stop them churning out new Super Mario Bros. titles.

C1: F-Zero GX on the GameCube is honestly one of my absolute favourite racing games, and probably cracks my top ten all time favourite games too. It’s high time the series made a comeback, and I know just the developer to do it.

Shin’en have found fame for their love letter to F-Zero that is Fast Racing Neo

C2: Now Fast RMX on Switch.

C1: and they are the perfect candidates to farm out F Zero to, to give us that hit of Captain Falcon that we all need.

They could even nab the phase shifting mechanic from Fast RMX to give Miyamoto his fresh idea the series apparently needs to get another entry.

C2: I mean, F-Zero Switch. The title writes itself.

C1: The course design and core gameplay from Fast are brilliant, there’s no doubt Shinen are up to the task. With the extra resources Nintendo would theoretically provide, they could really expand on that to make a worthy entry into the F Zero series.

C2: Give me the machine builder and Double shoulder button sharp turning from F Zero GX and I’m sold.

C1: So come on Shin’en, sweet talk Ninty into letting you use the F Zero licence and show me your moves.

VO: And finally, the one everyone wants, Metroid.

C1: It seems kind of redundant to say it, but say it I will. We need a new Metroid game!

C2: And no, Federation Force doesn’t count.

C1: It’s difficult to understand why the franchise has been so dormant for so long. Whilst the series has never exactly broken sales records, it still shifts respectable amounts.

VO: The last proper entry in the series, Other M, generally got a mixed reception from both critics and fans, but still shifted upwards of a million units.

The series’ sales, bar one or two outliers, are roughly comparable to that of the Kirby series, and Nintendo seemingly unleashes the pink puffball at every opportunity.

The latest Nintendo Direct unveiled no fewer than THREE Kirby titles, with the barefaced cheek to bill them as a celebration of Kirby’s 25th anniversary, whereas poor old Samus barely got so much as a tweet for her 30th last year.

C1: So lord knows why Nintendo have seemingly been so averse to revisiting the tales of their famed female bounty hunter.

C2: Maybe they’re just unsure as to how to handle what is arguably their most “western” franchise.

C1: But Reggie Fils Aime, Nintendo America’s head honcho, did offer a glimmer of hope at the beginning of the year when asked about certain franchises that have been lying dormant. Name-dropping both Metroid and Mother 3, he said ‘Talk to me in a year and let’s look back and see what’s happened.”

So it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that we may get some Metroid shaped announcement at E3 this year. What form that takes is anyone’s guess. We still don’t know what Retro Studios are working on, and whilst they’ve been more focused on the Donkey Kong games in recent years, a return to Metroid,

C2: Prime 4 anyone?

C1: Isn’t beyond the realms of possibility.

But if the second party effort is a 3D Metroid in the vein of the Prime series, why not give the fans a double dose of what they’re longing for and get someone like Yacht Club to develop a 2D Metroid to sit alongside it.

This wouldn’t be the first time Nintendo has one-two punched us with Samus either. The original Metroid Prime on Gamecube released on the exact same day as Metroid Fusion on the GBA, and those are probably my two favourite games in the entire series.

If Nintendo gave us not one, but two Metroid games in quick succession, then the seven year drought,

C2: And Federation Force balls-up

C1: Would be completely forgiven.

So there you have it guys, those are the three franchises I want to see given some love on Switch

C2: I’ll also take an Animal Crossing game, thanks very much.

C1: But what IP do you want Nintendo to bring to it’s new system, and are there any third party or indie devs you think could inject some fresh energy into them? Let me know down in ye olde comment section.

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