Can Project Scorpio turn X-Box’s fortunes around?

Microsoft have released the specs for it’s much hyped Project Scorpio, but will it have much effect on the console war?


C1: Hey guys, welcome to P Myth Gaming. So Microsoft has finally unveiled, via Digital Foundry, the specs for Project Scorpio

C2: Or the X Box One S and a half if you prefer.

C1: The premium or boutique system is to the X Box One what the PS4 Pro is to the PS4, and in terms of raw power, Microsoft are making good on their promise to deliver the most powerful console ever. Some are even saying that it’s closer to an entire generational leap, such is the difference between the Scorpio and your garden variety X Box One.

VO: The system has 12gb of GDDR5 RAM compared to the PS4’s 8gig, eight custom x86 cores clocked at 2.3ghz, 40 customised units at…..

C2: snore Big who cares!

C1: Here’s the thing. If you’re the sort of person who gets more excited by tera flops than tera patrick then this will be of interest to you. But whilst the X Box One’s sales haven’t been anything horrendous, the PS4 has been beating it into the ground because of the games available, not because of it’s processing power.

How many people honestly feel their X Box One is underpowered? In terms of third party stuff, you’re largely getting the same experience on Microsoft’s machine as you do on Sony’s. The scorpio is a solution to a problem that didn’t really exist, and the problem that does exist won’t be addressed by it.

X Box has seen two high profile cancellations lately, with first party titles Fable Legends and Scalebound consigned the dustbin. Meanwhile, Sony has been knocking it out of the park with the likes of Horizon Zero Dawn. Similarly, the first party slate for X Box this year isn’t anything to shout about with, errr…. Sea of Thieves… and….

C2: err…. Crackdown? That’s this year right?

C1: The X Box needs games. Sure the Scorpio may tempt some people who want to play their CODs and their Assassin’s Creeds on the best system available, but we’re talking a relatively small crowd there. It’s system exclusives that are gonna shift units, but the Scorpio may hurt, not help X-Box’s fortunes in that regard.

Given the tech involved, it’s entirely possible that this system could retail at anywhere between £500 and £600. For that price you can get a decent gaming PC, and with Microsoft’s Play Anywhere those few exclusives that are available can be played on that PC. It begs the question why anyone would bother upgrading to Scorpio? Especially considering the low price of the Xbox One S now as well.

The thing is, this is the first generation in a while that the most powerful system has sold the most units.

C2: The Wii beat all comers hands down, the all conquering PS2 was outmatched in the power stakes by the Gamecube, and the N64 was trounced by the OG PlayStation.

C1: What’s more is we’ve hit somewhat of a graphics plateau now, and Art direction is playing a far bigger role in determining what games look good, especially as development costs continue to spiral. More and more developers are opting for cool, quirky, or simple yet beautiful visuals to keep those costs down, yet still produce great looking games.

It may be the case that Microsoft have released this spec info now for those that care, allowing them to focus on software at E3

C2: Technical run downs make for an incredible dull presentation.

C1: We’ll have to wait and see what games Microsoft have got lined up, but given that they’ve stated there will be no Scorpio exclusive titles, ie all games will be playable on either Scorpio, the S, or your standard One, there still remains no real reason to pick up a Scorpio over an S on the software front.

They could end up pushing Scorpio as their VR machine, but neither Microsoft nor Oculus

C2: Who Microsoft have some sort of partnership with, Rift headsets coming with an Xbox controller and the two companies working together to optimise performance for Windows

C1: have announced anything yet.

Needless to say, on paper, the Scorpio’s specs are impressive, and there’s nobody who’s been particularly disappointed by what’s been revealed. But there’s no point having a system with all those teraflops if there’s nothing to play on it.

So are you excited by the Scorpio? Are you planning on picking one up, or upgrading your current X Box One? Let me know in the comments below.

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