Japanese capsule machines strike again with awesome Breath of the Wild keychains

This article originally appeared on Zelda Universe.

Capsule machines in Japan often yield some sweet looking merch and the latest prizes for Breath of the Wild fans look rather cool. The prizes on offer are a number of keychains/charms based around Link’s latest adventure, and were tweeted out by the official Japanese Zelda account. There’s a couple of adorable chibi Links, one rocking his blue Champion tunic and one featuring the quickly-becoming-iconic Hylian hood. There’s a cool sillhouette of Archer Link, as well as the Master Sword impaled Z from the game’s logo. There’s also a non-keychain equipped Master Sword of Resurrection available.

If a plane ticket to Japan seems a bit excessive to pick these up, import retailer NCSX has them listed, with shipping apparently commencing this month. Check out all five below, which one do you want? That Hylian hood wearing little guy would look great hanging from my Switch carry case!


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