Reggie: Streaming services coming ‘in time’ to Nintendo Switch

This article originally appeared on Zelda Universe.

First and foremost, Nintendo Switch is a gaming console. That much is evident by the ever increasing number of titles available and on the horizon for the system, despite a few early fears. However, some users have been disappointed by the lack of other features, like a browser or Netflix app, available for the system.

In an interview with the Washington Post however, Nintendo of America President, Reggie Fils-Aime, confirmed that Nintendo is talking to ‘companies like Netflix, Hulu, [and] Amazon’ about bringing those services to the Switch ‘in time.’

Naturally, we’re all far too busy finding out what happened in Hyrule 100 years ago to be watching things on Netflix right now, but it’s good to know that Nintendo is working on bringing those services to the Switch. Whilst this isn’t confirmation that they’re definitely coming, it’s likely a pretty safe bet, given that they have appeared on Nintendo’s last two home systems.

With Netflix’s recent addition of the ability to download shows and movies, the prospect of then being able to do that on Switch and take it on the go would be all kinds of awesome. Hopefully they add that feature to any prospective Switch app!


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