YouTuber of the Month nomination

I’ve been nominated for YouTuber of the month!

The awesome Retro Zone nominated me, check out his channel:

Go and vote for me on the YouTuber of the month video by posting P Myth Gaming in the comments here:

Also check out my fellow nominees!

Penny Rose:
Octavius Kitten:
Retronic Collector:



C1: Hey guys, welcome to P Myth Gaming! Just a quicker video today, devoid of any real gaming stuff

C2: I’ve got some coming don’t panic, I’ve just gotta drag myself away from Breath of the Wild for ten minutes.

C1: But amazingly Dan, over at Retro Zone, in his infinite wisdom, has nominated my little fledging channel for YouTuber of the month. I only started this little project back in January, never would’ve thought I’d be put up for something like this, especially so soon!

C2: Not least because I’m still figuring out what the hell I’m doing with this.

C1: So a big big thanks to Retro Zone for nominating me, and for all the support he’s given me since I started too.

Speaking of which, I also want to take a moment to thank everyone else that has supported this channel in it’s infancy, and watched, liked and subscribed this far. It’s been genuinely humbling to see and hear from people who are apparently enjoying my content, so thank you.

So to YouTuber of the month, it’s a great mechanism for shining a spotlight on some of the lesser known channels out there, and a great way to build the community, and discover great new content. As well as myself, Dan has nominated four other channels, they are Odd Pod, Penny Rose, Octavia’s Kitten, and Retronic Collector that you should all go and check out

C2: The guy clearly has exquisite taste, so it’ll be worth doing

C1: And then head over to the main YouTuber of the month video and cast your vote in the comments. Obviously I’d love it if you could vote for me, but if you think someone other than this amateur should win, by all means vote for them.

C1: I shall post links to the YouTuber of the month vid where you’ll cast your vote, as well as all of the other excellent nominees in the description below. I’ll also post a link to Retro Zone which you should absolutely go and check out, especially if you’ve got a love for retro gaming, or retro inspired gaming, or just retro stuff in general! There’s some great videos on that channel.

C1: So that’s about it for this quick video, huge thanks once again to Retro Zone for the nomination, and to you lovely lot for watching.

C2: We’ll be back to your regularly scheduled programming very soon.



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