There’s no renaming Link in Breath of the Wild

This article originally appeared on Zelda Universe.

One thing Zelda players have done since the first game back on the NES, once they got their copy of the latest game home and booted it up, is select their save file and enter the name their hero shall be called throughout his adventure. This even served a purpose outside of making NPCs refer to <insert infantile yet hilarious, bodily function based moniker here>, as renaming Link as ‘Zelda’ in the original game unlocked the game’s second quest.

This time around though, along with numerous other conventions, the renaming aspect has been jettisoned, and all players will play as ‘Link’. We’d kind of figured that out already, given the prevalence of voice acting within the game. It would’ve been somewhat of an impossible task for the voice artists to record every name (and every euphemism for love-making) in existence, and have the programmers slot the right one into the game’s cut-scenes.

Personally, I’ve always stuck with Link as the name for my hero, so it’s not a feature I’ll miss all that much. We do get to name the wild horses we manage to tame though, so if you’d decided on a particular inappropriate name for Link in Breath of the Wild, you can at least apply it to his steed instead.


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