Nintendo Switch presentation – a mixed bag

The first video for the channel!

In the vid I give some initial impressions on Nintendo’s latest entry in the console market, following the Nintendo Switch presentation, live streamed from Japan.


Camera 1: Hello and welcome to P Myth Gaming! The P stands for Phil

Camera 2: That’s me

Camera 1: And this is the first ever video! I’m going to be covering general gaming news and opinion on the channel for the most part, but I may dip into reviews, maybe some let’s plays and unboxings and all that jazz

Camera 2: Jazz hands

Camera 1: Should the mood take me. I daresay I’ll end up being pretty Nintendo heavy, as the Big N’s hardware make up my primary gaming platforms, but I’ll still cover Xbox and PlayStation from time to time. Maybe even the PC master race occasionally

Camera 2: Assuming my puny console-gaming brain can comprehend the majesty.

Camera 1: So, with the necessaries out of the way, let’s talk Nintendo Switch! I dragged myself out of bed at 3:30am to watch the stream this morning, where we got a proper look at the system, as well as all the things like launch date

Camera 2: March 3

Camera 1: Prices

Camera 2: £280 in the UK, $300 in the states

Camera 1: and a glimpse at some of the software lined up for it. Some of those games are trademark Nintendo bonkers –

Camera 2: Who else would call a game ARMS for crying out loud?

Camera 1: Others, like Super Mario Odyssey and Splatoon Two have got me properly hyped for the system, and that Breath of the Wild trailer. Man oh man, absolutely blew me away.

Camera 2: I may or may not have shed a manly tear at one point.

Camera 1: But I’m gonna leave off the software for the most part in this video and just talk about the system itself. So as we know, the Switch is a hybrid system, allowing players to jump back and forth between playing on the TV in a traditional set-up, and taking their system on the go Game Boy style.

I think the system itself looks great, it looks really slick and well put together, and jumping between the various gameplay modes it offers looks easy and relatively seamless.

In terms of price point, I know there’s some people who are a little disappointed after hearing rumours it was going to be between the 200 and 250 mark, but I was gearing myself up to lay out 350 for the system, maybe 300, so 280 is a perfectly reasonable price point for me.

In the box you’ll get a system and the JoyCon L and R, the JoyCon grip that turns the controller into that sad puppy looking thing, the dock that connects the system to your tv, and wriststraps for each joycon, that extend the shoulder buttons a touch when holding the JoyCon on it’s side.

And it’s the JoyCons that are the secret ingredient to the system I think. Now when the prices were released for additional controllers and such, a lot of people

Camera 2: Myself included

Camera 1: Were a little bit taken aback by how pricey they are. A pair of additional JoyCons will set you back $80 or 75 quid here in the UK, which is expensive for a controller. It’s twice the price of a Wii U Pro controller, for example.

That said, the JoyCons each contain a hell of a lot of tech. There’s the new HD rumble that Yoshiaki Koizumi elaborated on during the presentation

Camera 2: Side note: I thought Koizumi=san was great during the presentation and if Nintendo are looking for a more permanent replacement to the late Satoru Iwata for their directs, he’s the guy.

Camera 1: But whilst upgraded rumble doesn’t sound that exciting, I feel like it’ll be the sort of thing that when you’ve got it vibrating in your hand it’ll really heighten the experience.

Camera 2: No, in your-endo.

Camera 1: And then there’s the motion controls built into each one, NFC in the JoyCon R, and the IR sensor that can detect specific shapes as well as movement and depth. All of this adds up to some pretty fascinating potential, gameplay wise, once developers get to grips with the functionality of the system.

So yeah, whilst additional controllers will make a pretty sizeable dent in your wallet

Camera 2: And the inclusion of the Grip with the system means I’ll probably hold off on picking up the £70 Pro controller at launch

Camera 1: I don’t think the pricing is deliberately exploitative. It will be interesting to see if additional JoyCons get packaged with something like 1 2 Switch or Arms in the same way Wii Play came bundled with an additional Wii-mote,

Camera 2: which is why it sold a metric crap-tonne.

Camera 1: 1 2 Switch especially feels like it should’ve been packaged right in with the system, rather than being a separate purchase, as it’s clearly been designed to show off the various functionality of the JoyCons.

Whether that lack of a pack-in hurts Nintendo and sales of the Switch, remains to be seen, though I daresay retailers will put together all sorts of bundles anyway.

The other big question mark is battery life. Nintendo have said that the battery on the Switch will last between 2.5 and 6 hours, depending on use, when in portable mode. Now the lower end of that is not good at all,

Camera 2: and poor battery performance kinda negates the entire USP of the system.

Camera 1: That said, a slide during the presentation said that Breath of the Wild – a pretty intensive game – will give you about 3 hours worth of game time, which is almost in line with 3DS so it’s not the end of the world. Fortunately, charging will be quick thanks to the USB-C charging port. And that also means that third party battery packs will undoubtedly make their way to market before long. So whilst it’s definitely not where you’d like battery life to be, it’s not a complete disaster either.

All in all, I’m really excited for the system, especially given some some of the games they showcased

Camera 2: Zelda man, ugh
Camera 1: And I’ll be picking it up day one. I think the price of entry is reasonable, even if your bank balance will take a pounding once you start to add additional JoyCons and Docks and so on, and whilst battery life isn’t quite where you might hope it would be, it isn’t prohibitively short, especially if you’re playing lighter fare like puzzle games and such,

or maybe dipping in for a quick game of Smash Bros or FIFA on the train or the bus for example.

But what did you think? Are you pleased with what Nintendo showed or have you got reservations over the price or functionality? Let’s argue the toss in the comments below

Camera 2: it’s what YouTube’s for right?

Camera 1: Thanks very much for watching! If you liked the vid, YouTube has this handy mechanism to let me know, imaginatively called the Like button, give it a whack, and if you wanna see more stuff of mine, hit the subscribe button. I’m actually going to the Switch Live event to try the system out myself this weekend so I’ll be reporting back and telling you all about it. Thanks again for watching, catch ya next time.


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