Super Nintendo World is real, and it has mine cart rides

This article originally appeared on Zelda Universe.

This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill. Super Nintendo World is a real thing, and is coming to Universal studios Japan in 2020. Ever since Nintendo and Universal announced their partnership in May last year, fan speculation has been rife as to just what form a Nintendo-themed, uh, theme park, would take.

Well, now we have the official name: Super Nintendo World (I mean, it seems so obvious now doesn’t it?) and some fantastic looking, Mushroom Kingdom-based concept art, tweeted out by Nintendo’s various Twitter accounts.

Universal has also filed a couple of patents that hint at a couple of rides we could be seeing in Super Nintendo World too. The first is a car-based ride, with each car having two seats. The passenger up front controls the speed and drifting of the vehicle whilst the person behind will have access to buttons that “bounce the vehicle, provide a boost to the vehicle during the race or affect the performance of another ride vehicle on the track”.

The patent also describes how the car would be in competition with another vehicle on the track for points or a fastest time. This just screams Mario Kart: Double Dash, with the driver in charge of nailing those powerslides and his buddy looking to gain advantage via buttons with mushrooms and bananas painted on them. It sounds, frankly, awesome.

The second patent though describes a Donkey Kong-style mine cart ride, complete with faux jumps in the track and obstacles to apparently be overcome. A real life, Donkey Kong Country, mine cart ride. I am on that like orange on Trump.

There hasn’t been any official ride announcements just yet though, and whilst the concept art is Mario-centric, it’s almost impossible to believe that other franchises such as Zelda won’t be featured, especially given that Universal are even looking to outdo their Harry Potter section.

We already know that Nintendo and Universal are pouring a metric shedload of cash into the park, and these early glimpses seem to suggest that it’s going to pay off.



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