You’ll dig this Shovel Knight amiibo with a Hylian makeover

This article originally appeared on Zelda Universe.

As someone who is still very much in the grip of amiibo fever (I pre-ordered the Callie and Marie Splatoon amiibo and I still can’t quite figure out why), the customisation of Nintendo’s toys-to-life figures fascinates me. We’ve seen some fantastic custom jobs, and this awesome Twili Link, the latest but not least one to surface, may just be the best yet.

Twitter user CrimsBacon recently uploaded pictures of his Shovel Knight amiibo, which is tricked out with a Hylian Shield chest plate, a Master Sword pommel added to the shovel’s handle, and of course, armour in the colour of Link’s iconic green tunic.

ShovelKnight amiibo 1

ShovelKnight amiibo 2

ShovelKnight amiibo 3

I’ve not been brave enough to try and customise any of the figures in my collection, but this may well tempt me into picking up a few duplicates and unleashing the paintbrushes. At least it’ll keep me occupied until the Breath of the Wild amiibo arrive.



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