Win our Breath of the Wild E3 coin

This article originally appeared on Zelda Universe.

We know, we know. You’re all incredibly jealous of our sweet E3 merch, including the awesome Breath of the Wild commemorative coin that E3 booth attendees got their mitts on. We do feel kind of bad though, it’s not fair that all you lovely die hard Zeldafans won’t get a chance to own one. What’s that? Give one away? You must be crazy.

Oh alright, go on then.

We’re giving away one, limited edition, Breath of the Wild coin from Nintendo’s 2016 E3 event. The game’s logo is featured on one side, and the Sheikah symbol on the other. The coin is unopened, sealed, fresh in its packaging, untainted by human hands. Or indeed unhuman ones. All we want to know is: What is Impa’s great grandmother’s aunt’s maiden name?

Just kidding, we’re not that cruel. It’s a nice and easy prize draw. There are various ways to enter the drawing, via this link. Visiting our site each day will gain you one entry to the draw, as will visiting our Facebook page, following us on Twitter and giving us a retweet, and subscribing to our YouTube channel. Be sure to do each of these things via the Gleam website though so we can keep track of your entries! If you manage all of them, there’s a few daily bonus entries you can earn too!

The competition closes at 11:59pm CT on July 5 and the drawing will take place shortly afterwards. Good luck, and if you don’t win, you can always fork out a fortune on eBay for one.



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